Poppy Abel has joined the Formula Woman Academy, a platform designed to prepare young female drivers to progress to higher levels of competition. And to achieve their dreams of becoming professional racing drivers. Poppy passion for motorsports began at a young age when she started karting at just six years old. She is looking forward to this new challenge and to competing in the 2024 Formula Woman Competition.

Poppy has joined the Formula Woman Academy through securing two local sponsorships with Residentsline and Activ Projects. Belinda Bagnall, Director at Residentsline says “We are excited to be part of Poppy’s journey and to support her as she competes in the academy. We hope that her success will inspire other young women to pursue their passions and overcome any obstacles they may face. We wish Poppy all the best in her journey and look forward to seeing her excel in motorsports.” Mark Watkins, Director at Activ Projects made the following comments, “We are thrilled to be sponsoring Poppy Abel as she pursues her dreams of becoming a professional race car driver. We are passionate about supporting women in male dominated fields and believe that Poppy embodies the qualities necessary to succeed in the racing industry.”

As Poppy prepares to embark on her journey with the Formula Woman Academy, she is grateful for the support she has received from both Activ Projects and Residentsline. “I’m honoured to have the support of such fantastic companies and to be part of a community of racing enthusiasts who are passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion,” she says. Poppy is looking forward to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, and she is determined to make the most of every moment. “I know that this journey will be tough, but I’m ready to work hard, learn, and push myself to new heights, I can’t wait to see where this adventure will take me.”

If you are interested in sponsoring Poppy, contact her via email at: poppyabel7@gmail.com.