Fire Risk Assessments

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A Fire Risk Assessment is a check of a building for fire risks. All blocks of flats and large houses in multiple occupations in England and Wales must have one.

Health and Safety in Communal Areas of Flats

The assessment provides recommendations about how to protect your building and the people in or near it from fire.

The assessment looks at how likely a fire is to start, what the consequences would be if a fire did start and what needs to be done in the building to minimise the risk of fire starting or spreading.

A fire risk assessment covers the shared parts of a building that all people can use, such as common stairwells and entrance halls and looks at a building’s ‘general fire precautions’ in the shared areas. These include measures to:

  • reduce the risk of fire starting, such as ‘no smoking’ signs or doing regular safety checks of electrical sockets or lights
  • reduce the risk of fire spreading, such as fire doors
  • alert people about a fire in the building, such as smoke alarms
  • let people escape from the building, such as clear escape routes
  • tell people what to do if a fire starts, such as an emergency plan
  • reduce the harm caused if a fire starts, such as fire extinguishers or sprinklers

The general fire precautions must protect people who are allowed to be in the building AND people who are near the building, who may be at risk if a fire started.

Responsibility for carrying out a fire risk assessment in your building could be with the owner (freeholder) the Residents’ Management Company, a Right to Manage Company or a Managing Agent.

Block in a Box have partnered with 4Site Consulting who can help you get a reliable Fire Risk Assessment.

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