Residentsline predominantly provide Insurance for Flats and Apartments, with policies that are designed specifically for Residents Associations, Residents’ Management Companies, Retirement Flats and all involved with building and managing blocks of flats and apartments.

We also provide a wide range of other related policies:

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance – As an Officer of a Residents Management Company you have many legal responsibilities and could be personally liable for decisions made and actions taken whilst working in your position as a Director or Officer. Read more…

Terrorism Insurance – It may be tempting to leave out terrorism cover when renewing your buildings insurance to save money however this cover may be required to satisfy your lease or lender. Read more…

Lift Inspection and Insurance – Under Health & Safety Regulations there is also a duty on Companies to ensure that their passenger lifts are formally inspected by a competent authority every 6 months. Read more…

Legal Expenses –providing indemnity in respect of an Insured Incident arising in connection with the activities of the Residents’ Management Company. Read more:

Estate Liability Insurance – developed for communal areas of estates. Communal areas could include unadopted roads or private areas around flats and/or houses and flats and other recreational, sports and leisure facilities.

Landlord’s policies:

Tenant Deposit Legal Protection – Offers a unique alternative to requesting a deposit from a new tenant.  The cover provided by our Tenant Deposit Legal Protection provides cover for:

  • Legal costs and expenses – up to the £50,000 to negotiate settlement of any dilapidation’s claims
  • Legal costs and expenses – up to £50,000 to pursue your legal rights if your tenant has absconded before dilapidation’s inventory was completed

Rent Guarantee covering:

  • Repossession costs – up to £50,000 to pursue your legal rights to gain vacant possession of your property.
  • Rent Protection and Rent Recovery – to cover unpaid rent due to you under the terms of your tenancy agreement
  • Damage to your Property – Pursuing your legal rights against a tenant or another party who has caused damage to your property

Landlords Emergency Assistance