Terrorism Insurance for Blocks of Flats

It may be tempting to leave out Terrorism Cover when considering your Flats Insurance to save money. However, this cover may be required to satisfy your lease or lender.

When deciding whether Terrorism Cover is for you, consider the following:

  • Does my lease require my Flats Insurance to include Terrorism Cover?

When deciding whether to take out Terrorism Cover, you should always check your lease to see whether it is a requirement. The Council of Mortgage Lenders states that insurance needs to be arranged as required by your mortgage lender. Therefore, if any of the flats in your block have a mortgage, you should check to see whether Terrorism Cover is an obligation.

  • Could my block of flats be a target?

Although larger cities are generally considered to be at the highest risk, it is impossible to guarantee that even the quietest rural towns are not susceptible to attack. Whilst the consequences will always be difficult to envisage, it is wise to protect yourself should the worst happen.

  • Could I be personally liable if I do not include Terrorism Cover?

Directors legally have personal responsibility for their decisions and actions taken on behalf of the Residents’ Management Company. By adding Terrorism Cover when arranging or renewing your Flats Insurance, you are protecting your own and your fellow freeholders’ and leaseholders’ assets.

Don’t take the risk of leaving your residents uninsured.

Download more about Terrorism Insurance here

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