This month our contributors have focussed their features on listed and historic buildings. They have covered everything from passenger lifts throughout the ages and making historic buildings fit for modern living to navigating claims processes.

In the News!

  • The 2024 Act made it onto the statute books on 24th May 2024, just two days after the election announcement and as the final session of this parliament was brought to a close.
  • The Property Institute (TPI) is pleased to announce the appointment of Baroness Hayter as its new Chair.
  • The Property Institute (TPI) has been concerned about rising service charge bills for some time, and in response to concerns and questions from leaseholders and other stakeholders, they have collaborated with their members to release service charge cost data and investigate the drivers behind rising service charge bills.

Featured Articles

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The team at 4Site explain the fire door responsibilities outlined in the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 regulations and explore whether a specialist inspection is required to ensure compliance.

Colin Stokes, Managing Director at adiuvo talks about development of AI products.

London is a singular city in many ways, not least because the bulk of its most expensive leasehold property is owned by just a handful of families. Take a look at the history of four of London’s biggest landowners.

Laura McGill from Encore Estates explores a buzzing new development on the edge of the City of London. Set amongst the new-build high-rise apartment blocks is a building with an impressive frontage, stretching more than 300 feet, and with origins in the early 1900’s.

Listed buildings, with their unique charm and architectural significance, offer a rare opportunity to reside within walls that tell tales of hundreds of years. The team at Fraser Allen Estate Management look at what it entails to buy and maintain a listed building is crucial for prospective buyers.

With ever-increasing legislation, especially around building safety, the role of an RMC/RTM Director has evolved over the years. Directors can find themselves as the principal accountable person, responsible for the safety of all residents. For developments that are complex by nature, this responsibility can feel all the more daunting. Victoria Peake, from The FirstPort Group, tells us more.

Charlie Davidson, a Senior Associate in Bishop & Sewell LLP’s highly regarded residential property team, looks at Historic and Listed buildings and the law.

The team at Ardent Lift Consultancy revisit classic designs of lift through the ages, as many of the designs can still be seen in our major cities today.

Read more about the legal duty of care owners, landlords, or managing agents have towards maintaining the property in a reasonable state of repair and ensuring the safety and well-being of occupants or tenants, from the team at JB Leitch Solicitors.

The preservation and maintenance of listed and heritage buildings requires a delicate balance between conserving their historic value and adapting them for contemporary use, as explained by Earl Kendrick Group.

Damage to listed buildings can be devastating for owners. The team at Residentsline Flats Insurance provides guidance for owners including documentation requirements, the loss assessment process, and handling claim settlement negotiations.

The team at London Flats Insurance explain what information you’ll need to gather for your broker and what to look out for in a potential policy for an historic or listed building.

Maintaining and renovating listed buildings comes with a unique set of challenges for property owners and developers, as explained in this article brought to you by Block in a Box.

The team from Flat Living Insurance explore how modern technology and materials can be utilised while continuing to preserve historical authenticity.

Learn practical strategies for property owners and managers to safeguard their historic properties from Manage Your Block‘s expert team.

Belinda Bagnall, Managing Director of Residentsline explores the significance of Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance for your Residents’ Management Company.

Read all of these articles and more, in the June edition of Flat Living Magazine.