Enhancing Security in Apartment Living: A Comprehensive Guide for RMCs and Directors

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Belinda Bagnall from Residentsline discusses security in apartments and how it can be enhanced.

Block residents expect the very best security- for the sake of their financial investment, their personal safety, and the protection of their belongings. Feeling safe and secure in your home is paramount, and residents largely rely on their RMCs and Directors to uphold that right. Intelligent security measures, a sense of community, enforcing appropriate policies, prioritising maintenance, and embracing new technology all come together to create a secure block environment. Here we’ll be discussing these measures in detail; creating a comprehensive guide for RMCs and Directors charged with residential block security.

Basic Security

Let’s get the essentials in place before we go on to add any extras. Basic security for a block of flats should include:
  • An access control system
This would ideally be a video system whereby residents can view their visitor before allowing access. Tight controls should be maintained around the supply of fobs or key cards.
  • Appropriate lighting
This should include well-lit communal areas and motion activated lighting for entranceways.
  • CCTV
Essential for prosecutions should any criminal activity occur, these should be suitably placed and as high a quality as possible. Recordings should be kept well organised and available should they be needed.
  • Entrance maintenance
Locks should be changed every few years regardless, but essential maintenance should always be carried out immediately if doors and locks are showing signs of wear and tear.
  • Changing the locks on flat doors
This should be standard procedure for all new leaseholders. They should not need to worry that the previous lessee and their acquaintances may still have access to their unit.

The Importance of Block Community

The most useful aid for block security is fostering a sense of community and neighbourly care among residents. They can be your eyes and ears as a block manager; reporting any maintenance needs or strange activity. For this to work, you’ll need to be approachable and also provide an anonymous route for those who would like to make you aware of something but don’t want to become embroiled themselves. Encouraging group activities and events is a great way to encourage friendships and neighbourly respect. Residents are far more likely to actively look out for each other if they’re on friendly terms. Some blocks go as far as forming neighbourhood watch programs which can work brilliantly. At bare minimum, residents should be aware of their own responsibilities when it comes to security; not allowing access to strangers, not propping communal doors open for any reason or length of time and reporting any suspicious activity to block managers. They should also be encouraged to report any maintenance issues that could affect security immediately (e.g. lightbulbs that need replacing, CCTV cameras that have been knocked etc.).

The Importance of External Community

Making sure your block is involved with the wider community can also help to promote security around the building. Open the lines of communication with property mangers who handle other blocks in your area and share any concerns with them. Make contact with local law enforcements and make them aware that you’re available for discussions about what can be done to improve any anti-social behaviour in or around the block. If you’re a known contact, people will share their concerns, and those concerns can then be addressed. If you are experiencing particularly serious security issues, it may be wise to invest in security personnel for the block, even if it’s only for a short length of time or for certain events (e.g. Halloween, bonfire night etc.).

Modern Lighting

Motion-detecting, LED lighting schemes are not only great for the electricity bill (and the planet), but they’re great for boosting security too. Good lighting will make CCTV footage clearer, deter most break ins and make residents feel safer. Areas of focus should be entranceways, car parks and alleyways. Any dark spots in the building will be vulnerable- not many criminals will continue with their activity if they’re suddenly very well lit.


Security must be a top priority for RMCs. Residents should feel safe in their own home, and it only takes some simple steps to do what you can to uphold their sense of safety. Keeping your block up to date with technological advances in the security systems available will ensure that the value of the block is maintained while boosting safety. It will also reduce the likelihood of incidents occurring which could lead to damage, legal issues and complaints. Being ahead of the game will reduce your stress and workload while also saving residents from the potential trauma of being burgled or worse. Prioritising security is a sure-fire win for everyone.

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