This is one of the questions that we have been told Property Managers get asked, time and time again.

The simple answer is “No”.

When it comes to your insurance, carpets can seem like a grey area – are they part of the fixtures and fittings or are they contents?

Although you would normally leave them “in situ” if you sold you flat, if you decided to you could actually roll them up and take them with you.

In a nutshell, if the event of a claim, your insurer should pay for restoring and replacing any “resulting” or “consequential” damaged areas- for example, re-tiling. These areas could include damaged ceilings and some flooring. Generally, whatever would remain in your apartment if you picked it up and turned it upside down is covered by your buildings insurance…apart from your carpets as, if you sold your apartment you could take them with you. Hard floorings for example, wooden floors, laminate flooring and LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) would be covered.