Belinda Bagnall, Managing Director of Residentsline, provides details of the additional services that Residentsline provides.

We pride ourselves on our outstanding policies, specifically designed for Residents’ Management Companies, Right to Manage Companies, Residents’ Associations, Developers, Freeholders and Landlords. They provide cover for the widest possible range of risks, are tailor made to suit you and your property’s needs and are always provided by A-rated insurers at the best possible price. That’s a lot to be proud of- but we still like to go one step further.

All our policy holders have access to our 24-hour claims line and emergency services helpline- making sure you can access the support you need during potentially stressful times. But we’ve also designed Manage Your Block (free of charge for all policy holders and designed to support Residents’ Management Companies, Right to Manage Companies, and Residents’ Associations) and Property Management Portal (for professional property managers).

Here we’ll outline these two outstanding, time-saving products that you can utilise alongside your outstanding Residentsline policy.

Manage Your Block

Free to Residentsline customers (and otherwise only £99 per annum), Manage Your Block is an incredibly affordable solution to some age-old issues.

It’s essentially a secure, online hub for storing all relevant information about your block, including:

  • Insurance claims history
  • Maintenance history
  • Inspections and reports
  • Risks assessments and reports
  • Preferred contractor information
  • Contact details for all residents

It can also be used to create reminders, contact residents, for residents to contact you and to invoice for service charges (the service charge function carries an additional charge of £49 per annum).

The system is cloud-based, meaning all the information and functionality can be utilised by anyone with a secure login- no matter where they are as long as there’s an internet connection. You will no longer be surrounded by paperwork!

It’s specifically designed to be simple and user-friendly. We even collaborated with a group of directors and committee members during the design process to make sure it ticks the boxes you need ticking without being overly complicated.

Many Directors collate so much information during their time at the helm that it can be difficult to remember everything they need to hand over, or to know where to look for certain documents or contact details. While some are very organised and hand over successfully, others are not so thorough…Manage Your Block makes the whole process simpler and easier while providing less room for error.

Residents can send you alerts if there is a problem that you need to be aware of. You can store, view and update a contact list for all of your residents. You can record all of your suppliers’ details, so they are there for the next person who takes over. Ultimately, you are collating a history; you never know when you will need the information.

Manage Your Block effectively solves the issues of:

  • Where to store information safely and in line with GDPR
  • How to contact residents and contractors, keeping an audit trail
  • How to ensure that essential documents and records are always accessible
  • How to hand over the management of the building to a new Director
  • How to keep on top of your block’s diary and necessary inspections

To find out more about Manage Your Block, head to the website, call us or send a message to today.

Property Management Portal

Property Management Portal provides all the benefits of Manage Your Block but is designed in a way that works for professional Property Managers; supporting them in handling multiple properties simultaneously.

Property Management is a notoriously busy, demanding and potentially stressful job- PMP is designed to simplify, streamline and make your life easier. It’s compatible with all other systems you may use in your role as it’s a web-based solution- as long as you have an internet connection you can just head to your browser, log in and see all your information.

The clean, simple dashboard of key information will keep you on track and tell you what your priorities for the day are. Your Residentsline policy information can automatically be accessed via PMP and you can even make claims directly through the portal. You can set reminders and keep your busy calendar in check as well as storing all your leaseholder information on one place.

You can upload all the relevant documentation to alleviate the paperwork piles; simply attach copies of leases, your inspection reports, inspections and procedures. You can also make light work of maintaining your list if suppliers; enabling you to request quotes and send works orders all in one place, providing a perfect audit trail.

If you’d like to find out more about Property Management Portal, email us today via or call 0800 281 235 to speak to our team.

Head to the Residentsline website for information on all of our products and services or, if you’d like to speak to one of our fantastic, specialist team, give us a call on 0800 281 235.