Darren Bagnall – Head of Operations

I joined Residentsline in 2015 following 25 years working in a different sector, where I had enjoyed 25 years being as a national Account Manager. On my move to Residentsline I took on the challenging role to head up the Operational functions of the business. My day includes an array of company reporting along with various policy and procedural audit functions to ensure the Company runs smoothly. Completing these roles not only allows us to be more aware of how the company is performing but also enables us to be sure that as Cover Holders for numerous companies that we complete our processes correctly.

Direct Dial: 01902 795085 / Mobile: 07714 086008.

Favourite Movie: Gladiator

Favourite Animal: Grizzly Bear

Interesting Fact: If you encounter a grizzly bear, do not run. Avoid direct eye contact. Walk away slowly, if the bear is not approaching. If the bear charges, stand your ground (you cannot outrun it). Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man, couldn’t outrun a steadfast grizzly or black bear at full speed.