Residentsline exclusively provide Flats Insurance, with policies that are specifically designed for Residents’ Associations, Residents’ Management Companies and all involved with managing blocks of flats and apartments.

Celebrating over 24 years in business, our range of policies include: Buildings Insurance, Directors & Officers Liability Insurance, Lift Inspection and Insurance, Terrorism Insurance, and Landlords Insurance. All of our policies are designed to provide market-leading protection at the best possible price.

As an Officer of a Residents’ Management Company, you have many legal responsibilities and may be held personally liable for any decisions or actions taken whilst working in your position as a Director or Officer.

Protect yourself with a comprehensive Directors & Officers Liability Insurance AND Corporate Legal Liability policy with AVIVA, giving your Directors and your Company the protection you need from only £93 a year.

Directors and officers liability block insurance
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London Flats Insurance specialise in insurance for blocks of flats and apartments within London. Our team at London Flats Insurance have the experience and expertise to provide you with the most suitable insurance policy for your specific property.

As we only provide insurance exclusively for flats and apartments, you can be assured of our full attention and the best possible service.

We have designed a unique policy that can be tailored to your responsibilities which recognises that your insurance cover for shared spaces, private roads or estates and developments needs to protect you from not only the liabilities which could arise from the ownership of these communal areas but also for damage to property such as walls & fences, automated gates, car parks including barriers, playground equipment, even bin stores and cess pits!

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Flat Living Magazine is a website, monthly magazine and events to assist Residents’ Management Companies, Directors and Leaseholders.

Providing a range of information about Leases, Managing your Block, Service Charges, Insurance, Maintenance, Health & Safety, Major Works, Disputes, Communal Facilities and much more.

Do you still ask for Deposits when you rent out your property?

Although requesting a cash deposit when you take on a new tenant has been normal, now there is a quicker, simpler and more suitable alternative…..a Tenant Deposit Legal Protection Policy.

Call 0800 281235 for more information or visit

Deposit and rent building insurance for block of flats
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ManageYourBlock is a web based tool that offers access to your properties details at the touch of a button.

We understand that you have a lot to keep on top of; ManageYourBlock brings all this information together easily and intuitively.

It is designed to make your life easier saving time by offering a fast and efficient interface to connect you and your block.

For a no-obligation demonstration of the ManageYourBlock system, contact us at 0800 281 235 or email

Property Management Portal

Property Management Portal provides Property Managers with access to all of their properties information at the touch of a button. Whether you are at an AGM with customers or completing a site inspection – access, upload and view all important info in real time.

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Flat Living Insurance provides a range of products for Residents’ Management Companies, Freeholders, Landlords and Agents from a range of preferred Insurers.

We provide Flats Insurance, Directors and Officers Liability Insurance, Terrorism Insurance, Roads and Private Estates Insurance, Engineering break down. Engineering Inspection. Call us for a quote on 0333 577 2044.

Property Insurance Group

Property Insurance Group and industry specialists who operate on a nation-wide basis. With over 24 years’ experience as property insurance brokers, we know how to secure the most exclusive deals and the best protection on the market, so you can always be sure you’re getting the most for your money. We can provide quotes for shop insurance, office insurance, hotel insurance, restaurant insurance, salon insurance, surgery insurance plus much more. If you have a commercial property and need a quote call Property Insurance Group on 0333 014 8112

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