The benefits of PMP to Agents

PMP is a web based portal that you can access anywhere, anytime.  The portal allows you to locate all your block / details in one place under one log-in.

PMP has now been running for 18 months FREE to Residentsline Customers and in that time enabled us to review the system actively via feedback from managing agents / users. PMP is therefore constantly evolving.

The main benefits are:

  • A personalised dashboard allows the user to view key information at a glance, including: Total properties managed, insurance policies held and claims made year to date.
  • Once a block has been selected there is a comprehensive management information page which once again permits the user an overview of the blocks details including primary contact details for the block. Diary entries for building insurance renewals, Risk management events or just a meeting note reminder. The user also has the facility to download the diary entries by click of a button as well as add images of the block
  • Insurance details and documents for each and every policy held with that block can be viewed and all policy documents can be downloaded via PDF
  • Risk management events can be added in this section. Fire Risk / Health & Safety assessments to Asbestos reports etc
  • A documents section allows the user to upload files relevant to your property. It could be Insurance documents, fire evacuation procedure or AGM meeting papers. You can add bespoke folders for your own preference
  • An online address book relating to each property can be maintained and searched upon, for both flat owners and contractors
  • Alerts enables the user to email your residents directly with any form of alert that may arise, from an issue in a communal issue
  • Quotes / Work orders can be produced and emailed directly to a list of your preferred suppliers and automatically recorded
  • Submit your insurance claims online

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