Residentsline is proud to have designed a web-based system specifically with Managing Agents in mind.

Our Property Management Portal contains a wide range of efficient, simple-to-use features. The Portal enables a Managing Agent to store their own portfolio database and input details of their insurance policies.

The system also allows Managing Agents to store useful information in the ‘Block’, ‘Diary’, ‘Contact’, ‘Work Order’, ‘Supplier’, ‘Task’ and ‘Claims’ sections.

Property Management Portal has been developed following close collaboration with many of our long-standing clients. It is designed to assist in reducing business costs and improving service delivery.

Key features of Property Management Portal include:

  • Access to a calendar, allowing easy management of key events and reminders.
  • No restrictions on the number of properties within a block.
  • A user-friendly dashboard which gives a quick snapshot of key data.
  • Allows management of individual task lists.
  • Creation of ‘Work Orders’ to a list of suppliers.
  • Facility to store a full schedule of Property Claims (both Residentsline and otherwise).
  • Quick and easy access to confidential premium indications at your convenience, with the relevant documentation produced online.


For more information on how to access the Property Management Portal or to request your demo, please call 0800 281 235.