Ask The Experts

Ask the Experts – a new, exciting FREE event for leaseholders and RMC Directors was recently launched at the Hermitage Hotel in Bournemouth.  More than 100 people attended from the sector that was supported by Sky, Mainstay, SLC Solicitors and CHUResidentsline. 

Each business fielded a range of experts to assist with the queries and issues leaseholders had regarding their home or development.  The format was different to many events as it gave people the opportunity to speak to experts on a one-one basis and this was well received by guests attending.  The event was also supported by important local services including the Fire Service, Health and Safety and Crime Prevention.

The event was, unsurprisingly, a positive hit for those attending with many of local leaseholders not knowing where to turn in certain situations, with the experts holding the answers they were looking for.  The event stems from the view that, as a leaseholder, the home is likely to be the biggest investment that is made in one’s life and the interest held is shared with others – as such looking after it is extremely important.

So onwards and upwards for ‘Ask the Experts, and carrying on with the positivity from Bournemouth we will soon be on the road again visiting a City near you. For more details about the event and future venues, please visit or email

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